• scadenza: 28 settembre 2021, 12:00
  • N° 3 scholarships
  • Each scholarship worths € 5000 (gross of all charges).
  • A chi è rivolto: The benefits are intended for international students registering for the Second cycle degree in “Physics” at the University of Bologna for A.Y. 2021-22. Registration is understood to mean the first enrolment in the first year of the degree programme. Enrolling in years following the first year, changing from one degree programme to another or transferring from one university to another, are not considered ‘registering’ (art. 4, 13, 14 of the Student Regulations, D.R. 464/2013).
  • Periodo di riferimento: Each study grant is awarded for one academic year only. The potential renewal of the benefits may only be possible through a specific call for applications.
  • N. protocollo: Prot. n. 0001697 del 04/08/2021 - Decreti (AOO Periferiche) 230/2021
  • Responsabile di procedimento: Dott.ssa Maria Giovanna Piazza

    All documents presented by applicants must be in English or Italian.

    The application will be deemed valid only if the student completes the procedure correctly, exclusively on the web platform “StudentiOnline” (www.studenti.unibo.it).

    Applications cannot be submitted on paper, by fax or by e-mail.

    The University of Bologna reserves the right to verify the truth of the information provided. Without prejudice to the penal sanctions of article 76 of Italian Presidential Decree no. 445/2000, in the event of fraudulent information being discovered as a result of such verification the applicant will forfeit the right to the scholarship. 

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    If you need further information about the call and the selection procedure
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