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  • N. protocollo: Prot. n. 1120 III/8 del 18.09.2018
  • In order to foster the internationalization and interdisciplinarity of the University of Bologna, the School of Psychology and Education of the University of Bologna offers 1 Senior Visiting Fellowships for a period of approximatively 15 days to international professors. The fellowships will be organized in close collaboration with Campus of Cesena of the University of Bologna. The Senior Visiting Fellows will receive a remuneration – also covering travel, transportation and food expenses - in the total gross amount of € 2.500.

    The application must be accompanied by the following documents:

    1. Title and syllabus of the teaching activity to be proposed the WOP-P students for a maximum of 30 hours. The Senior Visiting Fellow will deliver teaching activity in English;
    2. One single file containing personal and professional data, cv and publications list of the last 5 years of the Senior Visiting Fellow.

    For further details consult the announcement in the folder "Bando e allegati"

    For support contact: psiform.cesena.presidenza@unibo.it