• scadenza: 31 ottobre 2022, 12:30
  • € 9.139 (total amount)
  • A chi è rivolto: This call is open to scholars and experts of high scientific standing and proven international reputation currently working abroad at universities or research centres. People with the following job titles are eligible to apply: • R1 First Stage Researcher (Master and PhD students) • R2 Young Researcher (Post doc fellow who obtained the PhD after 01.01.2020) • R3 Senior Researcher (Post doc fellow who obtained the PhD between 2014 and 2019) • R4 Leading Researcher (Permanent staff researchers and professors)
  • Periodo di riferimento: The total amount tendered is € 9.139 which will be used to cover periods of 5 days to 15 days depending on the position held by the first selected candidates. The length of the stay for the suitable candidates shall range from 5 days to 12 months. The period of stay shall be continuous so to achieve a fruitful interaction with the Professors and Researchers of the Department. The Visiting's check-out must take place no later than December 2023.
  • N. protocollo: Repertorio n. 207/2022 Prot n. 1425 del 12/07/2022
  • Responsabile di procedimento: dott.ssa Maria Giovanna Piazza
  • Application must be submitted by 31 October 2022 h 12.30 CET exclusively by Personale OnLine (unibo.it) 

    The application must include:

    • full scientific and professional curriculum

    • a letter of intent containing: relevant organisation, qualification (choosing among R1, R2, R3 

    and R4), research area of interest, offered activities, period and length of stay, reasons for 

    the choice

    • an invitation letter from a member of the DIFA’s staff (optional)

    • a scanned copy of the applicant’s valid passport or ID

    In the absence of a publication list, it is possible to upload the CV again


Call for Proposals [.pdf 270 KB]

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